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Dentistry On-Line bullet Dentigerous Cyst - a review of 37 cases Murad

Dentistry On-Line bullet OSMF in Gutka and other Areaca Nut Chewers Ahmad et al

Dentistry On-Line bullet Khat Chewing and Dental Staining Hailu et al
Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid: Case Report with review of literature
Uppoor, Humagain, Nayak, Mahajan, Shetty
An In Vitro Investigation of Mechanical Behaviour in Composite Resin Materials
Mustafa Toparli, Ismail Ozdemir, Cagri Tekmen, Necmi Gokay
A teaching technique for dental surveying to accurately orient multiple casts to a pre-determined path of insertion Beaumont & Smith
Ludwig's Angina and Oral Piercing Ahrens & Bressi
Positive Reinforcement of Good Flossing Habits for Children Hekiman & Manesh
Composite resin restoration: a worthy treatment approach for a peg-shaped maxillary lateral incisor Santiago, Sigmaringa & Maia

Diagnostic System of the Maxillofacial Area Diseases Manukov, Papoudurakis Gogichaishvili
Cytotoxic Effects of 5 Dental Adhesives Lupi, Gambarini, Bolognin et al.
Radiation dose reduction and use of newly introduced F speed films in Dentistry. Muralidhar Mupparapu, DMD
Acute and Chronic Anti-inflammatory Effect of Methotrexate A B Schütz
Retrospective Study of 70 Cases of Oral Epidermoid Carcinoma of the Mouth Diagnosed in Brazil A B Schütz
Direct Pulp Capping with adhesive resins and composite crieria of selection and modifcation of the technique. J M Gonzalez-Gonzalez DDS MD
Science and the Safety of 'Silver Fillings' by Per Dalén
Irradiation and Dental Caries by John Gabrovsek
Dental Caries : A Dent on Dogma - Parts1, 2, 3 and 4 by John Gabrovsek
The Effect of Dietary Regulations on the Prognosis of Recurrent Apthous Ulcers
by Dr. Pelin Gürdal
Sedation of Phobic Dental Patients With an Emphasis on the Use of Oral Triazolam
by Fred Quarnstrom
Dental Legal News : The Perio Case from Hell Part 1
by Joyce R. Weinman, Barrister and Solicitor.
Digital Dental Radiology: A Summary by Dr E. Arana and Dr. L. Marti-Bonmati
California Dental Association Continued Competency Programme by Russell Anders
The Use of Magnets in Restorative Dentistry by Dr A.D. Walmsley
BDA Dental Management Kit - ISO9002
Maxillo-Facial Surgery
UK Dentists Complaints Procedures by Dr Margaret Joscelyne
What's New in Maxillofacial Surgery by Keith Webster.
Virtual Reality in Orthodontics by Snow et al
Teflon Implant Reactions by Keith Webster
Age determination by teeth by Professor Drusini of Padua
Halitosis and its Management in the Dental Office by Dr Steve Truswell
Gloves and dentistry -the hidden agenda by Dr M V Martin, BDS, BA, PhD, FRCPath
The Subliminal Dentist by Peter Thomson
Implant Topics and Implantology Mercury and its use in Dentistry Periodontology
Engineering, Servicing and Equipment Global Composite Survey - Results
Professional Questions and Answers Oral Surgery Hygienist Forum


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