Dentistry On-Line - Composite Survey Results

We are pleased to publish the results of the composite survey this month.

The following pie charts show the preferred composite, the overall assessment of tugback and finish.
All data is represented as a percentage of responding dentists

4.8% of responding dentists chose the composite on price.
95.2% of responding dentists did not choose composite on price.

12.9% of responding dentists use a different composite on members of their family to that used on their patients.

32.8% of responding dentists used their chosen composite in preference to amalgam;
67.2% did not.


Analysis of preferred Composite

Analysis of Tugback for all composites

Analysis of finish for all composite


We have also produced tugback and finish analysis for Z100, which proved to be the most popular composite.

Results for tugback and finish for herculite and APH are also available.

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