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Our award winning On-Line Journals have been growing ever since 1994

We offer:

bullet over ten freely available on-line biomedical journals
peer reviewed independent editorial boards
over 180,000 medically qualified professionals actually visit our sites every month!
a growing International readership
80% are practising medically qualified professionals - 1000s of these on our email database
technology to create special sponsored pages or sections devoted to new and outstanding educational resources
cost-effective distribution of existing marketing software
searchable pages
links to the very best of biomedical resources on the Internet
interactive pages that allow readers to register their comments immediately
technology that counts the number of people who read a particular section
the ability to create special secure section and pages
links to all other Priory Journals
advanced programming technology to help you create attractive, interactive pages on the World Wide Web
24 hour, 365 days a year presence throughout the world
feed links to us and to your pages from all the other biomedical resources on the Net
international, respected editorial boards with some major biomedical teachers, researchers and opinion leaders
peer reviewed scientific papers, with an archive of all published papers from past issues
the fastest submission to publication rate

and together with all the above:

environmentally friendly publishing - no trees destroyed
advertising and sponsorship rates that beat paper publishing for quality and readership hands down!

Who reads these journals?

Our readership is mainly professional. Overall, it's 80% professional. Since 1994 we have built up a database of thousands upon thousands of medically qualified doctors, dental and veterinary readers.

Our readership is truly international. 50% of our readers are from the US and Canada. The majority of the remainder (numbered in thousands) are from Europe, but there is virtually nowhere on earth that we do not have a reader!


What do they think of us?

Apart from all the net awards - what do the existing paper journals and media think of us?

Who links to us?

MSN found over 5000 sites linking to us in December 2002
Site Inspector Results: for April 1999
Search Engine How many links
point to us
AltaVista 3,500
InfoSeek 906
HotBot 81
Psychiatry On-Line Dentistry On-Line
"impressed...will be of huge importance in the future.."
Psychiatry on the Net Video - TVF 1996
"..shows how a good peer reviewed journal should be structured. It has the right mix of good academic content together with practical articles that will be of interest to the practitioner"
British Dental Journal, 1996
Priory Journals
"But what about new dedicated on-line journals? That changes all the economics of publishing. A number are now available and in various stages of development. Priory Lodge Education Ltd probably lead the way with seven on-line journals, the most developed of which is Psychiatry On-Line at URL...
"Sponsors now getting involved include Zeneca, Wyeth and Boehringer Ingelheim and the facility is available to restrict access where necessary, so that these sponsors can put up material for doctors' eyes only"

Pharmaceutical Times, June 1996

We can create tailored interactive sponsored pages at unbeatable rates - ask us to quote a price for your idea and compare this rate to any paper-based journal and you will see that we offer significantly more, including instant feedback!


How might sponsorship work?

Some of our sponsors give us educational grants to use as we see fit to create wholly independent peer reviewed sections. These educational grants give us complete editorial freedom.

Other companies may wish us to create specific information-based pages for them, which are mainly interactive and of a high quality. Feedback from our readers about pages on venlafaxine for Wyeth proved them to be highly popular and widely read. Nevertheless, we are very strict to ensure that the independent editorial integrity of the main journals is never compromised. Our readers always know when they are viewing a sponsored page. The sponsorship is clearly acknowledged, and the page has a distinctive look and feel.

We can now create special secure areas within our journals for specific groups, and specific geographical areas.

Imagine that this is a sponsored page in the journal. If you sponsored this page your company logo might appear as above, or below, or in both places. The sponsorship logo could be activated to take you through to a separate page, which could be, say, a quiz, or product information, or a whole new forum, that could be guarded by passwords that only let specific registered readers read them.

The pages can carry files with sound, music, programs, JAVA ActiveX, photographs or graphics, and may allow forms such as this comment card or surveys which enable your customers to give you the feedback information that you need.

Visit our business enquiry page to send a message to us, perhaps to ask us to quote you for a specific idea of yours or for further details, and if so leave us a mailing address, fax or phone number and we can get in touch.


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