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Introduction to the History of Medicine Section

Context. Perspective. The media, writers, technologists, and every facet of modern medicine bandy about these words. Yet, context and perspective is exactly what the new History of Medicine section is all about. Through the pages of History of Medicine On-Line the history of medicine will be told such that it provides context and perspective on the current and future state of medicine.

This virtual thing called the Internet, still in its infancy, is the future of publishing. The rapidity and dissemination of knowledge via the Internet is staggering. Medicine On-line and its history of medicine section will take advantage of such rapid dissemination with an eye towards education through scholarship.

The Shape of History to Come

In the coming months, the history of medicine section will mature and its focus will become better defined. It is my hope that this Internet gathering place will be a virtual forum for those interested in the history of medicine. It should be educational, informative, perhaps controversial, and, most importantly valid. This editor envisions the section to become the de facto standard for the online community of medical history. Your assistance in accomplishing this vision is heartily encouraged!


Anyone with an interest in the history of medicine is encouraged to submit articles for publication. We are interested in every facet of medical history, from important individuals and institutions to significant events, inventions, and the historiography of medical history. Potential authors include doctors, professors, medical historians, students, archivist, librarians, and anyone interested in the history of medicine and furthering the cause of medical history research and scholarship. Using a unique online peer review process, each submission will be thoroughly reviewed and submitters will be responded to within a month in ideal circumstances. Please submit manuscripts to History of Medicine On-Line after reading our Instructions to Authors and submission page.


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