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Retroperitoneal Fibrosis associated with Cervical Carcinoma

Franco et al

A case of primary peritoneal carcinoma with pulmonary embolism and severe left leg ischaemia.

Chacko C; Munyanyi N; Chidambaram V;Haqqee R

Overwhelming Post-Splenectomy Sepsis With Multi-Organ Dysfunction: A Case Report Sabah, Phillips & Phillips
Spontaneous Splenic Rupture

Shivashankar, & Kelly

Prosthetic femoral stem fracture

Khanna et al

Techniques and
websites to assist with minor operations.
Ismail et al
Modified Dilatational Tracheostomy Karvandian et al
Cryptoorchidism- the need for a clinical pathway
Vishwanath, Coey, Lakhoo
Worsening thigh pain after blunt trauma Kendall Lane
A case of anterior tracheal rupture following trivial trauma Natarajan et al
Spontaneous Rupture of the Normal Spleen
An unusual cutaneous abscess
containing a multifaceted gallstone
Management of Solitary Thyroid Nodules
Incomplete Pelvi-Ureteric Junction Obstruction Mimicking Appendicitis
Surgical Complications of CF
V-Y Plasty
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