Side-Effect Registry

Overview of reported antidepressant effects

This standing feature of Psychiatry On-Line is designed to build up a registry of side effects associated with commonly used antidepressants and antipsychotics. Regular updates will be published so that you can monitor the side-effect profile of various drugs.

How can you help?

1.We are asking psychiatrists, pharmacists and prescribers  to log recent significant side effects associated with their prescriptions using the form below. We will use the details you give below to verify your input against our registration details held on file. To ensure the accuracy of this survey, we will not use unverifiable data.


2. Please note that the form should be filled in per episode - ie the main side effect associated with a single prescription of the drug being logged.


Your e-mail address


Please select the generic name of the drug that you wish to register a side-effect for



If you logged 'Other Drug' and wish to register a psychiatric drug not mentioned in the list above, please enter the drug's generic name below:



Please log in the side-effect you feel has been associated with this drug.



If you logged 'Other Side Effect' and wish to register a side effect not mentioned in the list above, please enter it below:


We thank you for your input.


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