Antihypertensive Survey

This survey is designed for practising, prescribing general practitioners and physicians.

We are keen to know what the most popular prescribed antihypertensives are with practising physicians and other prescribers. This survey is designed to audit prescribing habits for antihypertensives and the results will be published in a paper in the next few months.

To participate, doctors must already have registered as a reader of Medicine On-Line. Your co-operation is most welcome and anonymity is guaranteed.



First Name

Last Name

e-mail address



Please select the generic name of the antihypertensive that you would use initially in a middle aged and otherwise physically fit person with essential hypertension

If you chose 'Other' in the above list, please could you type in the generic name of the antihypertensive you used most in the last week.

We thank you for your support.

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Antihypertensive Survey
Priory Lodge Education 1999
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