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Breathing Exercises

There are good biological reasons why breathing exercises can reduce anxiety. When we tense up and panic, our breathing rate changes so we can get more oxygen, but this changes the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in our system . A method to restore this balance is a good idea.


Sit in a chair with arms.

Rest your hands and elbows on the arms of the chair (don’t grip the arms). Sit with your bottom well into the chair. Rest your head back against the chair or wall.

Raise and slightly part your legs. Now lower them until both heels rest on the floor and stay in that position.

Close your eyes. Breathe in - slowly - through your nose until you have filled your lungs with air.

Hold your breath and hold your chest still while in your mind you count:

1 Elephant

2 Elephants

3 Elephants

4 Elephants


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