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Rainhill Hospital

I am researching a website about Rainhill Hospital. If anyone has any information about its history, documents or photographs, please let me know. (Obviously no patient information will be accepted). Dave Williams

Twins with schizophrenia

We are currently working on a research project to clarify the biological and psychological abnormalities found in schizophrenia. We are recruiting twins in particular where one or both has schizophrenia. Our study involves a clinical and neuropsychological assessment as well as a structural and functional MRI scan. There will be no interference in clinical management. Since twins are so rare we are recruiting from all over the British Isles and have collaborators in Holland, Germany and Sweden. We will make all necessary travel arrangements and cover costs. If you would like more information or think you might know twins who want to help please contact me.

Dr Marco Picchioni Division of Psychological Medicine Institute of Psychiatry de Crespigny Park London SE5 8AF. Tel:020 7848 0049 Fax:020 7701 9044

Contact Dr Picchioni

IAP Conference


Institute of Australasian Psychiatrists (IAP) invites you to attend their conference in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. 
At the Matson Plaza Resort on the water front in Cairns.
To be held from, Friday 3 November to Sunday 5 November 2000.
Initial list of Topics
  Risk assessment
  Legal issues
  Ethics/ethics committees
  Clinical skills and psychopharmacology
  The position of Integrated Community Health Centres in relation to private practice
  Psychiatric fees issues
  The development of Forensic Community Teams here and overseas
  Child and Adolescent psychiatry
  Role of diet in mood, ADD, and allergic symptoms
  Current psychotherapeutic /analytic issues
The IAP represents the ¼ of psychiatrists not in the Australian College of
Dr Brian Boettcher Conference Convenor- <>.
Conference Secretary: Noreen, P.O. Box 515, Redbank Plains, Queensland, 4301, Australia
Phone 61+0 (drop this zero from overseas)7+3814 2383, Mobile ­ 61+0(drop
this zero from overseas)7+413 186 638

Amitriptyline and Tramadol

Does anyone have any experience of amitriptyline and tramadol causing CNS effects, behavioural changes and development of paranoia?.

Would appreciate any info.

Audit of ECT

I am a clinical audit analyst in a community healthcare trust . I am interested in any references to clinical audits based on service users' experiences of ECT treatment. Ian Williams at Contact about ECT audits

Editor:  Have a look at ECT On-Line - there's some relevant material there for starters.


UK based psychiatrists may wish to remember that the Institute of Psychiatry in London now has a Depersonalisation Research Unit. Headed by Prof A.David, the unit has a team of clinical and research workers studying and treating depersonalisation disorders. There is a regular outpatient clinic which accepts referrals from the UK (and occasionally overseas), and ongoing research projects involving functional neuroimaging studies and drug trials. Further information can be found on the Institute of Psychiatry website.

Nick Medford Clinical Researcher Neuropsychiatry Section Dept of Psychological Medicine Institute of Psychiatry

Gabapentin in the elderly

Has anybody any experience using gabapentin for agitation and aggression in elderly patients with dementia or in other patients with brain injuries or disease? I have had some good success and I wonder if others may have had similar experiences. I read the article on gabapentin in Psychiatry Online.

James W. Hawkins, M.D.
Geropsychiatry, VA Palo Alto and

Contact about Gabapentin

ECT Resources

I am a Registered Nurse working in an acute Psychiatric admissions unit in
Scotland, UK. I am trying to put together a package on ECT, which would
include everything from consent forms and checklists, to patient information
and reference material.

If anyone has anything similar, or has any suggestions, please Contact me about ECT

Thankyou in advance.

William O'Mailley, R.M.N.


I am asking on behalf of our Medical Director, Dr. Peter Strong, of CRMHC:
We have noticed a number of our clients have developed Diabetes shortly after
starting clozapine (6 months). Have there been any similar findings reported?

Contact me about clozapine


St. George's Conferences

The Conference Unit at St. George's Hospital Medical School, London, UK organise a wide number of psychiatry related meetings each year. Subjects include eating disorders, bereavement, suicide, learning disability and many more. Please email Andy Bannister for more information.


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