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What of the OTHER side of the story

Anti-ECT (often muddled with anti-psychiatry)

It is difficult to put together a page of 'anti-ECT' information. Partly because some of it is very well organised and other sources are extermely poorly presented- but on the internet the presentation doesnt necessarily give you a clue as to quality (and as for ECToL you have to make your own mind up). However the real difficulty for me to sort out the most useful points of view, as that I have to judge the quality of an argument with which in many cases, I disagree!

The representation of a link or information source cannot therefor be deemed a recommendation as to the quality of the information presented. I shall try and restrict postings to those that are potentially of the greatest interest to the ECToL readership. By all means join and post to the discussion groups if you feel I have misrepresented anyone/thing. I can't promise to list all links sent to me, but I will consder them (and reconsider them if you wish!). Just because it ISN'T here, doesn't mean its bad! ok? (ouch too many negatives)

This paper by Lawrence Stevens is a particularly well presented document. Its to be found on at the following link

Psychiatry's Electroconvulsive SHOCK TREATMENT A Crime Against Humanity by Lawrence Stevens, J.D. (
A worth while read.

A neurologist on ECT.
A neurologist's web site, John Friedberg delivers a powerful anti-ect argument in an entertaining way- "..I don't care what they say: the mental health business is the stigmatization business..".

The church of scientology doesn't like ECT. or Psychiatry. Their founder sci-fi novellist L Ron Hubbard (I read once) said that inventing a religion was a good way of making money....but that was a long time before he disappeared...

Shocked ! 40,000 Volts of fun. A well crafted site about ECT, written by an 'ECT survivor' who reporte being given insufficient, and indeed wrong information during the process of 'consent'. It also 're-frames' what might by some be thought of as the 'good practice of including relatives' in the decision make process, into a form of coercion. Its a complicated business, consent.

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