General Practice MCQs: 1995

1. Psoriasis:

A most commonly affects intertriginous areas
B plaques usually have diffuse edges
C does not occur before the age of 10
D may follow streptococcal infections
E in the area under the breasts is characterised by many dry, silvery scales

2. In treating psoriasis:

A pustular psoriasis responds well to tropical corticosteroids
B of the scalp, keratolytics in cream will remove excess scaling
C phototherapy may induce clearance of plaques
D methotrexate is given twice daily
E Lassar's paste consists of topical steroids and coal tar

3. In psoriasis:

A a child with an affected parent has a 50% chance of developing the disease
B there is an association with HLA-CW6
C the epidermal turnover time is increased
D there are low levels of arachidonic acid in psoriatic skin
E precipitants may include surgical wounding

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