Editorial, September 1995 Journal Contents Priory Lodge Education 1994, 1995

Editorial: September

This month Psychiatry On-Line:ITALIA publishes its first peer reviewed paper by Dr Marconi. The paper focuses on the recently founded The Comittee for Informatics in Psychiatry (CIP), and its search for the ideal standard clinical record (SCR).

We are especially proud of Psychiatry On-Line:ITALIA because it is the first of a number of mini-journals or fora that we will be hosting permenently. Our future plans include mini-journals on ECT or electroshock and suicide research. If you would like to discuss the possibility of further fora please contact us.

We have re-organised our archives into a more user-friendly form this month, with subject headings.

We shall soon be introducing search forms to help readers find the information they need even more quickly.

Thank you to all of you who participated in the first international case conference by Meagher and Bell. The conference report includes the case itself and wide and varied selection of the submitted feedback from professionals in the interantional psychiatric community. We would welcome further case reports to act as stimuli for such discussion in future issues.

As you will see we now publish details of our editorial board on our cover page. The board consists of international experts and practising psychiatrists, psychologists and physicians with recent high quality publications and research backgrounds.

In less than a year there has been considerable growth in the journal's scope, quality and size. We look forward to continuing progress and thank all our readers for registering with us and sharing their thoughts can comments. We very much welcome your participation.

Dr Ben Green, September 1995.