Organisations in the UK active in Dental Information Technology

Date of Compilation of Information: December 1994

Compiled by: Bob Ireland BDS.,DGDPRCS.
University of Liverpool
Department of Clinical Dental Sciences
School of Dentistry
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CAL Programmes

University of Bristol (01272-299898)
Orthognathic Planner (MS-DOS)
Template for Asymetrix
Management of patients with special needs
Oral Surgery ( in production )

Eastman Dental Hospital (0171-915-2211)

Minimal Preparation
Molar Endodontics
Introduction to occlusion(in production )
Oral manifestations of HIV disease

Hypertext Tutorial System (0121-378-2211)

Hyper tutor authoring system MS-DOS & Windows

Decision Support Systems

University of Manchester (0161-275-6753)

Cleft lip & palate information system

University of Birmingham (0121-236-8611)

Partial Denture Design(Macintosh)

Neural Computer Sciences (01703-667775)

Lower 3rd Molars

University of Belfast (01232-240503)

Extraction of 1st molars
Unerupted max. Canines

Oratel Consortium (01046-18187703)

Oral mucosal lesions

PROACT diagnostic (Fax 01046-1816600)

support Dentist Teachware

University of Liverpool (0151-706-5230)

Dental Materials

Oratel Consortium (01046-18187703)

Quality assurance
Patient Teachware

Software of Excellence (0303-237-007) and Advance Computers

Clinical management system ( windows based )

CD-ROM Databases

Dialog Europe (0186-326226)

70+ titles

On-Line Services

British Dental Association (0171-935-0875)


The Royal College (0171-405-3474)

Bulletin Board

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