Dentist on Skis!

March saw the inaugural Longdon & Cook/Denplan annual ski dental conference. It was held in the French Alpine resort of Val D'Isere - an area renowned for its Rolls Royce skiing. the extensive slopes spread out over several valleys and two glaciers.

The 55 delegates arrived via Lyons and Geneva from Gatwick and Manchester respectively. The first evening lecture was given by Mark Adams who introduced the programme of lectures in the evenings ( and days spent on the 'planks')! John Hunt then lead a lively debate: 'Topical Issues Concerning Dentistry' - there were quite a few.

The next two days we had a medium snow fall which set us up well for later in the week. Bright sunshine from Wednesday on ensured the shades and sun-block were applied and by the end of the week we all ahd suntans.

Tuesday evening saw Kevin Lewis presenting'Make my Day' - his recipe for a more bearable practitioner's life which raised smiles all round. Peter Swiss then advised us on 'Dental Disasters and How to Avoid Them' -a salutary reminder that someone out there may try to un-make our day!

By now our novice skiers were making excellent progress whilst the 'veterans' were to found wide and far and high (there are two glciers in the region taht can be skiied).

Thursday evening saw the Longden & Cook Conference Dinner - excellent food & wine followed by various presentations.

Friday's seminars were presented by John Hunt: 'Dentistry as we enter the next millenium' and Kevin Lewis, 'The Millenium Practitioner'- both giving an insight into all our tomorrows - as the Chinese curse says, 'May you live in interesting times!

All in all it was an excellent week of fun, exercise, good company, and education as well. A good balance of work and pleasure which, I for one, shall be looking forward to in 1996.