Antidepressant Survey

This survey is designed for practising, prescribing   psychiatrists and family doctors.

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We are keen to know what the most popular prescribed antidepressants are with practising psychiatrists. Have you ever wanted to know how antidepressant usage differs between countries? Perhaps there are lessons to be learned from the practice in other parts of the world.

Your co-operation is most welcome and anonymity is guaranteed.

When you've finished please complete antipsychotic survey

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Please select the generic name of the antidepressant that you have used most in the last week to treat adults with depression

If you chose 'Other' in the above list, please could you type in the generic name of the antidepressant you used most in the last week.

What would you consider to be the nearest mean effective total daily dose of this drug in mg?

We thank you for your support.


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