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Antidepressants: Editorial

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The results of the antidepressant side effect registry are available here from January 1996 to date.

Please do bear in mind that the registered side effects for each drug are in the order of hundreds rather than hundreds or thousands and so that the distribution will be somewhat uneven until the registry builds up.

What has surprised me personally, in being asked to comment on the side effects registered so far, is the number associated with the newer antidepressants. They are, of course, safer than the old-fashioned tricyclic antidepressants, but are clearly not without problems themselves. In interpreting this 'rash' of side effects for the SSRIs readers must temper the information with the prescribing behaviour or profile of Psychiatry On-Line readers. Our current 1996 and past 1995 antidepressant preference surveys show an overwhelming preferences amongst prescribers for SSRIs. In the context of this the emphasis on SSRI side effects is explained.

Dr Ben Green,
Editor, Psychiatry On-Line

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