General Practice MCQs: 1995

1. Myocarditis:

A may present with a functional systolic murmur
B usually causes hypertension
C causes nonspecific ST changes on ECG
D is often caused by Coxsackie virus
E is worsened by hypoxia and exercise

2. Cardiomyopathy:

A is primarily characterised by right ventricular dilatation
B is associated with thyrotoxicosis
C is usually associated with valve calcification
D secondary to alcohol has a good prognosis
E may be a cause of the sudden death syndrome

3. Chronic heart failure:

A is incorrectly diagnosed in only 10% of cases
B often occurs when ECG and chest X-rays are completely normal
C has been shown not to respond to ACE inhibitors in large epidemiological studies
D should be routinely investigated using thyroid function tests
E in the elderly, if treated with ACE inhibitors may be complicated by a deterioration
in renal function

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