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Gunter Wahl

A shortcut overview about the work of our institute:
For the german on-line association in Berlin (Dr. Bob., bsmedic, MULTIMEDIKA) I´m producing an atlas representing the german psychiatric care system. Please look up the attachment, which contains the local regional "psychiatric offer". Furthermore I'm planning to bring up an international psychiatric internet journal.

We are also preparing:

  1. - Actual Congress-Informations, with the same time
  2. - List of psychiatric commemorations
  3. - Alphabetic A-Z performance of psychiatric diagnosis with a most differenciated description of new development in sience accordimg to valid and concise informations (excluding non-information-sentences)
  4. - Discussions-Fora
  5. - Psychiatry-History with connex to the present
  6. - Book reviews
  7. - Introductions of publishing houses and publishers dealing with psychiatry
  8. - Who is Who in Psychiatry/Psychotherapy
  9. - Scientific associations and organisations
  10. - Films, Video-documentations On-line
  11. - Reviews of cinema Movies
  12. - Politics
  13. - Introduction of the pharmaceutical industries
  14. - Psychopharmakology
  15. - Read the Book
  16. - Forum Controversy: For example "Euthanasia"
  17. - University news
  18. - Psychiatry/Psychotherapy Encyclopedia
  19. - The interesting case
  20. - Biografies patients and doctors


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