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St Petersburg (Russia), March 22-25, 2002


Under the patronage of: St Nicholas Psychiatric Hospital, St Petersburg, Russia,

  • The Italian Journal and Association "Psichiatria e Territorio", WEB site http:// www.psyter.org,
  • Lviv State Medical University of Lviv, Ukraine Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy,
  • The Ukrainian Association for Psychotherapy,
  • The Ukrainian Journal Forum of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy,
  • The Italian Association for the study of Psychopathology and Religion.


The Italian Association "Psichiatria e Territorio"
Leopolis agency, Lviv, Ukraine

International Scientific Committe
Chair: Sergey Y. Svistun (St Petersburg, Russia )
Co-chairs: Mario Di Fiorino (Viareggio, Italy), Alexander Filts (Lviv, Ukraine), Jacek Bomba, (Kraków , Poland), Borut Skodlar (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Salomon Resnik (Paris, France), Kostantin Danielyan (Yerevan, Armenia)

Local Organizing Committe:
St Nicholas Psychiatric Hospital, St Petersburg, Russia

22 March 2002

9.00 a.m. Registration
Opening ceremony
Plenary session Hotel St. Petersburg Conference Concert Hall

Presentation of the Congress of the Chief coordinators
9.15 Sergey Y Svistun (St. Petersburg) Mario Di Fiorino (Viareggio)

Dissociation. From "Spaltung" to Dissociative Disorders

9.45 Chairmen Alexander Filts (Lviv), Nash Boutros (Yale, USA)

10.00 Salomon Resnik (Paris) The dissociation in psychopathology
10.20 V.Tochilov (St. Petersburg) Psychiatry in Russia on the border of ages.
10.40 Augusto Ermentini (Brescia) The dissociation


11.25 Giuliano Casu (Empoli) The "Spaltung" and the group of schizophrenias.
11.45 Sergey Svistun (St. Petersburg, Russia):Schizophrenia in the psychiatry in Russia and in former Sovietic Union.
12.15 Kostantin Danielyan (Yerevan, Armenia): Clinical Features of hallucinatory and
delusional disorders in organic psychotic disorders.

13.15 Lunch

Alterated States of conscioussness and Ecstasy
Chairmen: Francesco Saviotti (Brescia), Evgeny Krupitsky (St Petersburg)

Symposium of the The Italian Association for the Study of Psychopathology and Religion.

17.20 V. Nechiporenko (St. Petersburg) Special diagnostic in dissociation disorders in the
modern society
17.40 Mario Betti (Bagni di Lucca) Alterated states of conscioussness

23 March
Dissociation and Schizophrenia

Plenary session Hotel St. Petersburg
Conference Concert Hall

Challenges and controversies in the treatment of schizophrenia with old neuroleptics.
Chairmen: Kostantin Danielyan (Yerevan, Armenia), Matteo Balestrieri (Udine)

9.15 Matteo Balestrieri (Udine) The employ of old neuroleptics in the age of novel

The novel antipsychotics
Nadia Dolishnia (Lviv), Paolo Cioni (Firenze), Sergey Malyarov (Kyiv)

10.55 Break

A comprehensive management of patients with schizophrenia: new pharmacological perspectives

Chairmen: A. Rossi (L'Aquila),. W. Fleischhacker (Innsbruck)
Industry supported symposium by Pfizer

11.10 S. Scarone (Milan) Assessment and treatment of acute psychotic agitation
11.40 A. Rossi (L'Aquila) From positive symptom control to stabilization
12.10 W. Fleischhacker (Innsbruck) Enhancing compliance with atypicals.
12.40 A. Vita (Milan) Switching strategies: why and when

13.15 Lunch

Electrophysiology of Anxiety, Personality, and Addictive disorders: Theoretical and Clinical Implications.

Satellite meeting

Conference Glass Room

Chairmen: Nash Boutros, (Yale), Pierre Flor Henry (Edmonton, Canada)

14.45 Nash Boutros, (Yale) EEG and dissociation Theoretical Implications
15.05 Pierre. Flor Henry (Edmonton, Canada) Spectral EEG-laterality problems
15.25 Maurizio Bellini (Bologna, Italy) Dissociation and Post Traumatic Disorder.
15.45 Evgeny Krupitsky (St Petersburg): Ketamine induced dissociation
16.05 Kemal Arikan (Istambul) Dissociation and EEG, experimental aspects.

14.30 The first-rank symptoms in the age of novel antipsychotics.
Blue Room
Chairmen: Francesco Saviotti (Brescia), Sergei Mitchniak (Lviv)

14.45 Yakow Shapiro (Edmonton, Canada): Psychodinamic psychotherapy and dissociation.
15.05 . Y.Snedkov (St. Petersburg) Dissociative disorders as a result of contusions
15.25 Silvestro La Pia (Napoli) Validation of a new scale self evaluation of Psychotic symptoms
15.45 C. Krüger (Pretoria, South Africa): Actual aspects of psychopathology of schizophrenia

16.15 Free comunications and poster viewing session A.
Chairmen: Andrea De Bartolomeis (Napoli) Enrico Marchi (Lucca)

20.30 Gala dinner cocktail
Hotel St. Petersburg

24 March Dissociation and Hysteria

9.00 Chairmen: Y.Snedkov (St. Petersburg), Alexander Mironenko (Lviv)
Plenary session
Glass Room,

9.15 Richard P. Kluft, (Temple University, USA): Dissociation .
The spectrum of Factitious Disorders and Malingering.
9.35 Marco Casonato (Milan, Italy ) The ghost of hysteria : unsolved nosografic problems
The Münchausen syndrome.The Münchausen by proxy Factitious Disorders and

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Manuela Garuglieri (Viareggio, Italy) Mith and reality of Multiple Personalities.

11.20 P.Flor-Henry, Z.J: Koles, F.Fogarty (Edmonton, Canada) EEG studies of Multiple
Personality (Source Localization) .

11.40 Factitious Disorders and Dissociation

13.15 Lunch

Satellite meeting
15.00- The large group
Blue Room

15.15 Salomon Resnik (Paris): The large group and l'équipe de cure
15.45 Giuseppe Fazzari (Montichiari) Il gruppo nell'esperienza italiana dei servizi.
16.05 Rosanna Ceglie (La Spezia): The first psychotic episode

Discussant: Yakow Shapiro (Alberta, Canada)

25 March Depression and Schizophrenia

Chairmen: V.Tochilov (St. Petersburg) Mauro Mauri (Pisa)
Plenary session
Glass Room

9.00 Mauro Mauri (Pisa) The concept of spectrum and comorbidity
9.20 Andrzej Zieba (Cracòw): Depression and Schizophrenia
9.40 D. .Marcon (Udine) Neurobiology of psychotic behaviours in dementias. A possible link to
understand schizophrenia
10.00 Matteo Balestrieri (Udine) Seasonality of births in schizophrenia. Facts and hypotheses.
10.20 Jorge Perez (Milan, Italy): Delusional depression

10.45 Coffee Break

Community services for psychosis. Rehabilitation for schizophrenics
Chairmen: Salomon Resnik (Paris), Alexander Filts (Lviv)

11.00 Salomon Resnik (Paris): Rehabilitation and psychotherapy
11.20 Claire Rosenberg, (Austen Riggs, USA) About the social context of family treatment
of a dissociative patient
11.40 I.Copitin (St. Petersburg): Art therapy in mental disorders
12.00 Marco Chiesa (Cassel hospital, Richmond (UK) The psychotherapy of psychotic states
in serious personality disorders
12.20 Alexander Filts (Lviv, Ukraine.): A rehabilitation pilot experience: the Lviv-Versilia
12.40 Angelo Cassin (Pordenone): Community services for psychosis in Italy.

Schizophrenia with comorbid disorders
Chairmen: Valeriy Podkorytov (Kharkiv), Paolo Cioni (Firenze)

15.00 Mauro Mauri (Pisa), Management of Schizophrenia with comorbid disorders
15.20 I. Sofronov (St. Petersburg) :Comparation of pharmacological and psychotherapeutical techniques in addictive disorders
15.40 Bernardo Spazzapan (Gorizia): The assesment of prognostic factors in comorbidity
psychosis -alcohol
16.0 Stepan Yevtchuk (Ivano-Frankivsk) Optimizing Treatment. The therapy of depression in schizophrenics round table Psychosis and addictive disorders
L Shpilenia (St. Petersburg), Bernardo Spazzapan (Gorizia), E. Krupitsky (St. Petersburg)

Schizophrenia, Aggression and impulsivity
Chairmen: Kostantin Danielyan (Yerevan, Armenia), Maurizio Bellini (Bologna)

17.00 Alfredo Gemignani (Viareggio) Violence and suicide in schizophrenics
17.20 Evgeny Krupitsky (St Petersburg) The violent patient
17.400 Rubens Bonatti (Carpi): Elderly and psychosis.

Discussants Sergei Mitchniak (Lviv), Paolo Scocco (Padova)


Chairs of the scientific conference:
Professors Sergey Svistun and Mario Di Fiorino
E mail: difiorin@versilia.toscana.it
Psichiatria e Territorio, via Montauti, 4 I-55042 Forte dei Marmi

Local Board members:
Sergey Y. Svistun, Vladimir Agishev, Evgeny Krupitsky (St Petersburg, Russia )

Registration fees for partecipants include:
Welcome Reception
Attendance at the scientific sessions and satellite symposia
Attendance at the poster session
Certificate of attendance
Gala dinner cocktail

Deadline for submission :
December 15, 2001
Electronic submission of abstracts is preferred.
Web site: www.psyter.org
e-mail (for scientific segretariat information).difiorin@psyter.org
Accepted abstract presenters must register for the Congress.
Registration fees: before June 1st 2001 Euro 230 ; before September 1st 2001 Euro 270, before December1st Euro 350

Programme Secretary.

Request and information for the programme to:
Psichiatria e Territorio, via Montauti, 4 I-55042 Forte dei Marmi (Italy)
Angelo Cerù, MD:Ospedale di Viareggio, via Fratti 530 - 55049 Viareggio (Italy)
Fax/phone: 0 39 0584 949331 E mail: difiorin@psyter.org

Request and information for the programme to:
Psichiatria e Territorio, via Montauti, 4 I-55042 Forte dei Marmi (Italy)
Angelo Cerù, MD Ospedale di Viareggio, via Fratti 530 - 55049 Viareggio (Italy)
Fax/phone: 0 39 0584 949331 E mail: difiorin@psyter.org

Hotel accomodation: We have reserved rooms at special rates in selected hotels downtown.
For Hotel accomodation in St Petersburg
Travel Agency Leopolis
79000 Efremov str.4/5
Lviv Ukraine
tel fax 00380322979495
E mail: dasho@icmp.lviv.ua

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